50 Amp | Off-Grid Dual Battery and Charging System Kit



How to install this system:

REDARC - 1250 BCDC Dual Charger (50 AMP + Solar Ready)
REDARC - 2x 60 AMP Fuse Kits
REDARC - Dual Battery Voltage Gauge
REDARC - Load Disconnect Solenoid
Lion Energy - Safari UT 1300 LiFePO4 Battery
Lion Energy - 100 Watt Solar Panel
Lion Energy - 25 Foot Extension Anderson Cable

(Not included in kit)

1) 6 AWG wire

2) Extra Alternative Size Eyelets

3) Bus Bar or FuseBox

4) Butt Splice Crimp Connectors

5) Inline Fuse Holders and Fuses

6) Micro2 Fuse Taps | Low-Profile Fuse TapsMini Fuse Tap | Regular Fuse tap

7) Heat Shrink

If you need tools like crimpers, soldering iron, or torch, here are links to those:

Soldering Iron


Mapp Gas Torch

Mapp Gas


Wire Strippers



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